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​"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
                                                                                                                                                                                   Nelson Mandela
Infant Care

Destined for Greatness Christian Academy lovingly provides for the needs of your baby - giving her one-on-one time, cooing and cuddling, and making her feel safe and loved.  Your infant's need to move around and explore her world is indulged in our safe, stimulating classroom space.  Teachers gently encourage your little one to explore, promoting your baby’s advancement and growth physically, emotionally and cognitively.

Toddler Program

Toddlers are very physical, using their bodies and their senses to learn about and make sense of their world.  Through stories, songs, drawing, building, movement and more, our teachers ensure that your toddler is learning and growing in ways he enjoys.  Individual attention and group time are utilized to boost cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development.

Preschool Program

Our Preschool program prepares your child for success in Kindergarten, throughout their school career, and in their life beyond school.  Through a wide variety of activities and our all-inclusinve curriculum, your child will master important skills.  Our curriculum gives preschoolers the cognitive, social and emotional skills they need for Kindergarten, aligning with established math, literacy, science, creative arts and social science learning standards.

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